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President Park Geun-hye and OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría engage in a lively discussion on ways to enhance science, technology, and innovation at the opening ceremony of the OECD Ministerial Meeting in Daejeon, Korea, 20-21 October 2015. 

The ministerial meeting was concluded with the Daejeon Declaration on Science, Technology, and Innovation Policies for the Global and Digital Age, or the Daejeon Declaration for short, which sets out the common guidelines and commitments of member countries in the field. In the Declaration, ministers not only agreed that science, technology and innovation are being revolutionised by digital technologies, but recognised the potentially transformative nature of the “next production revolution” for our well-being. Basic and applied research need long-term funding, the declaration points out, as well as a market-friendly competitive environment, while innovation in the public sector needs to be strengthened.

The full English text of the Daejeon Declaration can be found at www.oecd.org/sti/daejeon-declaration-2015.htm

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