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Vaccine prices: A painful shot for Africa

Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective means of preventing illness and death, particularly in children. Yet, more than 22 million babies born worldwide each year–four times the number of births in Europe–go unvaccinated, leaving them at risk of contracting, and potentially dying from, vaccine-preventable diseases like measles. 

Budget treatment

The growing burden of healthcare expenditure on public budgets is hardly a recent phenomenon. For 15 years before the onset of the financial crisis, health spending per capita had been going up by over 4% per year in real terms across the OECD area–much faster than growth in real incomes. Nearly all OECD countries will soon have nearuniversal healthcare coverage–an historic achievement.

Don’t forget, employees make healthcare work

Healthcare must be maintained as an essential public good

Fighting down obesity

“Obesity is one of the foremost public health emergencies of our time.”

Focus on Portuguese healthcare firms

Interviews of leaders of Portugal healthcare private sector.