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Ageing and Well-Being


The University of Geneva addresses a challenge for the individuals and for the world.

The greatest challenge for the G20: Restoring trust in business

“International tax reform demands strong national and G20 leadership, but the prize of a fair and efficient tax system is well worth the effort.” 

A view from Michael Izza, Chief Executive, ICAEW. ICAEW is a global accountancy body representing 140,000 Chartered Accountants across the world.

With more tax information, governments should strive to better understand business

"Building more trust between companies and tax authorities will help inform the current public discussion of tax issues, creating a more fruitful conversation about tax policy choices for the 21st century."

Putting tax transparency and morality on the agenda


Whether you are a policy maker, business leader, politician, journalist, tax authority or just a regular citizen, the issue of tax is probably high on your agenda.