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OECD Observer crossword Q1 2017
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Try our latest OECD Observer crossword.


1 Lasting a long time, as diseases 5 National economic stat, for short 7 African capital 8 Exhaust, as resources 9 Antonio Guterres is the head of this international body now 10 There are 12 of this shape on the Euro coins 11 Organ with chambers 14 Parisian friend 16 Addressed, as a problem 18 Internet program, briefly 19 Vital quality in a professional doctor 24 Call from the fields 25 Healthcare should be patient ____


1 Treatment of patients 2 Type of surgery carried out by a machine 3 Free of additives 4 Type of disease still the highest cause of death in most OECD countries 5 Home of the Alhambra 6 Poe's tool but not John Grisham's! 11 Shrouded 12 Of current interest 13 "The boot of Europe" 15 Average 17 Collection of useful items 20 Visit 21 Have dinner say 22 Third in a line of kings 23 It includes England, Scotland and Wales

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