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OECD Observer crossword Q2 2017
With Myles Mellor

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1 Middle name of the president who would have been 100 this year (2017) Economic ____ is related to suplly and demand 9 Key economic stat 10 European sea, for short 11 Special-interest org., for short 12 Subject that's often tied to tax revenues 15 Pilotless plane, being tested for use in in package deliveries 18 Price 19 Vital quality in a professional doctor 20 Type of chart in Excel 21 Morning time 23 Type of car now being tested to improve road safety, 2 words 27 ___, senor! 28 Gold, corn, coffee or steel for example


Budgetary Stipulations in a contract Precious metal that investors turn to as a safe haven Increasing Time delay Optimistic Fountain, for one 13 Spanish for gold 14 Popular 15 Fizzles out 16 Archeologist's find 17 Listening device 19 Source of solar power 20 Letter ending 22 Soup in a sushi bar 24 Starting word in a champagne 25 Third in a line of kings 26 ___ de Maupassant

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