OECD Observer
#31 Learning about renewable energy
OECD Observer No 275, November 2009

"Welcome, Mr Frankie! Thanks for coming out here from Global. You want to know more about our renewable energy, right?" 

"Hi. Well, yes, specifically sun and wind."

"Did you know that you chaps use less than 1% of your solar assets?"

"The trouble is Mr Frankie, the sand blows over these solar panels and wrecks them!" 

"What about wind power?"

"Again, the sand gets stuck in the turbines and ruins the bearings!"

"Hmm. I wonder if we could use sand to fight climate change? Ha ha!" 

"We already do. We've built the Climate Change Clock. It tells us we have no time to lose!"

The world can be a complex place. See how Frankie and his colleagues at Global.org grapple with the thorny public policy issues of our time, in this cartoon strip.

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