OECD Observer
#37 Daydream
OECD Observer No 284, Q1 2011

"Ladies, gentlemen, robots and galaxy inhabitants. We are here to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the now galaxy wide Global.org. But while we've ended famine and war forever, and spread wealth and happiness, we must remember how our failures nearly destroyed us all. To remind us of our core values and how we must build our better galaxy, put your hands and claws together for Frankie, our founding hero!"

"Thanks galactic citizens. I am so proud to be reanimated to be with you today. You have come so far. My advice for the future is ... remebering not to watch the Star Trek boxset all night before a big meeting!"

"Frankie! Day dreaming again? Did you get that down? The notes for my speech?"

The world can be a complex place. See how Frankie and his colleagues at Global.org grapple with the thorny public policy issues of our time, in this cartoon strip.

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