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OECD Observer Crossword No.3 2013


One of the organizers of OECD's 2013 Africa Forum, abbr. 3 Continent whose natural resources are vital for economic change 7 African nation that depends on oil for 80% of government revenue 10 Red Sea port 11 Government assistance to those in need 13 It's known as "The Switzerland of Africa" 15 Fight for a cause 20 Send 22 Natural resources, key to the growth of African economies 25 Leave 26 School subj. dealing with building and design 27 ___ Al airline 28 First name of the 28th largest economy in the world 29 Italian coin with the Vitruvian Man on it


1 Its health spending is higher per capita than other OECD countries 2 First name of the second Secretary-General of the UN 4 EU nation known for high quality health care, abbr. 5 One of Africa's "emerging partners" in Asia 6 Yearly 8 One measure of company performance, abbr. 9 African nation whose economy recovered in 2012, after civil war 12 One of the countries in the SOE network for Southern Africa 13 Statistical measure of a national economy, abbr. 14 Sao ___ and Principe 16 Exec's degree 17 Special topic for discussion 18 Expression of surprise 19 African nation whose largest export is uranium 21 Game you can't play left-handed 23 Social connections 24 Boring routine  

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