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Which car? A test from PISA 2012

Chris has just received her car driving licence and wants to buy her first car. This table below shows the details of four cars she finds at a local car dealer.

Question 1

Chris wants a car that meets all of these conditions:

  • The distance travelled is not higher than 120 000 kilometres.
  • It was made in the year 2000 or a later year.
  • The advertised price is not higher than 4 500 zeds.

Which car meets Chris’s conditions?

    A. Alpha    B. Bolte    C. Castel    D. Dezal

Question 2

Which car’s engine capacity is the smallest?

A. Alpha    B. Bolte    C. Castel    D. Dezal

Question 3

Chris will have to pay an extra 2.5% of the advertised cost of the car as taxes.

How much are the extra taxes for the Alpha?
Extra taxes in zeds:

Answers to the PISA questionnaire. Question 1: B. Bolte, Question 2: D.Dezal, Question 3: 120.

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