OECD Observer
#49 The gender gap
OECD Observer No 300, Q3 2014

"Sit down Frankie. I've come to you about that promotion you requested."

"Oh good!"

"It's not going to happen! ... I gave the position to Rosie."

"I'm guessing the new pro-gender policy means men like me haven't a hope."

"Gender had nothing to do with it."

"Well I beg to dif… hang on a minute… Who is Rosie?"

"R.O.S.I.E. is the future, Frankie… It's the future!"

'Mind the robot gap, more likely!'

The world can be a complex place. See how Frankie and his colleagues at Global.org grapple with the thorny public policy issues of our time, in this new cartoon strip.

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