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Twitterings No 303 September 2015

Erikwim During @ErikwimDuring
@OECD @A_Gurria @guardiannews @OECD_ Social @OECDdev Refugees are neither liabilities nor assets. #refugees are human beings. 

Project World Impact@prjworldimpact
@OECD @A_Gurria @OECD_Social @ RefugeesMedia Something needs to change. Thank you for creating a discussion on this #migration #refugeecrisis 

Markus Schuller @panthera_s
Interesting move. #China enters membership ranks of @OECD Development Centre. Another step in its transition to a new growth model. 

Hetan Shah @HetanShah
Inequality is unjust, not bad for growth says @ChrisGiles_ in contrast to @IMFNews @ OECD: http://on.ft.com/1hKSJkS 

Rafel Fors #Sí Sí @RafelFors Interesting tool by @OECD to check how income is distributed in your country. My conclusion: too much #inequality !!! http://bit.ly/1HjKEJk   

Constantin Gurdgiev @GTCost
“@OECD: Plan to have #figs this weekend? over 300 varieties, see fig standards here http://bit.ly/1ErLZNr ” oh dear! Bureaucratic overfeed… 

Maurice Oduor @MauriceJOduor @wef @OECD Minimum wage is irrelevant. What matters is the cost of living. A Kenyan teacher who earns $200 a month can even afford a maid !!

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