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OECD Observer Crossword Q1 2016
With Myles Mellor

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1 Small plug-in hardware device to increase online functionality 4 Employment numbers depend on the increase or decrease of these 8 Band booking 10 An oral medicine 12 It's the spark behind any innovation 13 Road surface 14 Type of economy also known as collaborative consumption 17 Once around the track 19 European Union country establishing itself as a hub for tech innovation 21 Future cars will be doing this 23 Wrist item 24 Avoid


1 It's a massively growing section of the economy 2 Landlocked African country 3 Weight measurement 5 Commodity whose price has been crashing through 2015 6 Establish, as in policy 7 It's better than a BA 9 Highest peak on Crete 11 Prevent 14 Schuss 15 Land named for Vespucci 16 Dream 18 Start-up's project 20 Number 21 Observed 22 Dash, in Morse code  

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