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OECD Observer Crossword Q3 2016
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Do you know the acronym for objects that are connected online  (3 letters)? Another word for "erased data" (5 letters)? Or what Leonardo's nobiliary particle was (2 letters)? Try our latest OECD Observer Crossword, this time with a digital angle.


1  Sector that plays a key role in innovation, abbr.  3  ____ security, protection against hacking and viruses 
 7  Confidence, it's vital to restore this in consumers in relation to internet privacy  8  It's often fiber optic, providing very fast internet connections 9  Range of frequencies available for internet and other communication  13  Urge  15  Digitalisation of this device has revolutionised creation and sharing of pictures  17  Wild guess  19  Leonardo's middle name or Leonardo’s nobiliary particle  20  Business transactions on the internet or mobile or tablet devices  25  Production output  26  Erased data


1  Acronym for objects that are internet-connected, abbr.  2  Peace agreement  3  Reduce  4  Remote storage of data in case of a system crash  5  Red gemstone  6  4G mobile communications standard, abbr.  9  The opposite of openness  10  Signal  11  Songs, albums, etc whose economy has completely changed with digital transactions or People stream this  12  African nation  14  Short for a road in a city, abbr.  16  Epoch  18  Knowledge-_____ economy  21  Its square root is itself  22  Central prefix  23  Unprocessed, as data  24  Process to integrate and manage different parts of a business (abbr.)

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