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March on gender–as new portal is unveiled; Malene Rydahl

March on gender–

To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, the OECD Development Centre’s WikiGender blog has launched a new March on Gender initiative, involving a month of discussions and events focused on gender equality and policy issues. 

WikiGender was launched in 2008, with a French version rolled out in 2015. It has become a hub for gender equality experts and practitioners, policymakers, students, and the general public, with contributions on gender questions welcome throughout the year. March on Gender will be an annual feature. Visit www.wikigender.org

–as new portal is unveiled                                                                                      

Meanwhile, a new OECD Gender Portal has been launched, offering more than 80 key indicators and interactive charts that you can easily modify and share to see how your country compares on gender equality. What is the gender pay gap in your country? Do boys or girls perform better at school? In which country is it easier for women to start a business? The portal gathers links to a range of resources on gender issues, including articles from OECD Observer, OECD Insights and the OECD Yearbook. Visit http://www.oecd.org/gender/  

Happiness expert Malene Rydahl visited the OECD on 24 February 2016, giving a talk and sharing insights from her book Heureux comme un danois (as happy as a Dane).
Visit http://oe.cd/1i3

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