OECD Observer
Twitterings Q1 2016

Shailey Hingorani @BurntCognac
What will it take to implement SDGs? @OECDObserver has some ideas: http://goo.gl/DVyZDh. #SDGs #UNGA #GlobalGoals

Copito @copito61
@OECDObserver @OECD @FAOnews @OECDagriculture Maybe now, but at some point the global food production cartel will decide enough is enough.

Robert Went @went1955
Great! Who would have thought the @oecd will launch a Centre for Opportunity & Equality ten or even five years ago?!

Tim Nelson @tanelsonaus
Great session on climate disclosure by @OECD at #COP21–investors need predictable and stable policy.

Julianne Hickey @JulesHickey
@ClimateBonds @OECD @Bloomberg are vulnerable people and communities represented at that table? #pacificvoices

isabelle finger @isafinger
Whether or not use technology in the classroom is not the right question. The real question is HOW to use it? #OECD http://bit.ly/1LJnAtw