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OECD Observer Crossword Q2 2016
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Do you know which Middle East country is the largest producer and exporter of pistachio nuts (4 letters)? Another word for ''quiet'' (3 letters)? Try our latest OECD Observer crossword.


1 Renewable 5 Basic protein 7 Book that covers the globe or African Mountains 8 Crop production  10 French for island  11 Relating to country areas as opposed to urban  13 3rd most spoken language around the world,  abbr.  14 Org. dedicated to working for peace, development and human rights, abbr.  15 Everest or Kenya, e.g.  16 Marketing medium  17 Long period of time  18 Genetically engineered, for short  20 Noted agreement on climate change  22 The G in the UN's SDG's  23 Medical procedure, for short  24 "___ a small world!"  25 Ending this is one of the UN's SDGs  


1 Largest supplier of food and agricultural  produce in Latin America  2 Canola or sunflower or soybean, for example  3 Sudden increase  4 What hens do  5 Big lamb producer  6 Device  9 Middle East country which is the largest  producer and exporter of pistachio nuts  12 Manage  15 Moi?  16 Change to survive in changing conditions 18 China is the largest producer of this fruit 19 Largest producer of corn in the world 20 Baked taro root 21 "Quiet" 22 Information

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