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Twitterings Q3 2016

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Maria Vaalavuo @mjvaal

So it is possible to get rich by working... #inequality #rich #top1percent @OECDObserver https://shar.es/1wQRJo

Paul Kirby @paul1kirby

Remarkable how many countries use electricity bills to tax households and businesses. And how much. @OECD chart

Kris Olds @GlobalHigherEd

The @OECD’s Education at a Glance is now an epic tome - nothing the World Bank or UNESCO produces matches it.

Amine Ouazad @amine_ouazad

Good: The @OECD now sets development goals both for so called developed and developing countries. “SDGs” rather than MDGs. #economics

Carrie Ballard @AtelierEnglish

@OECD @OECDtax @OECD_Social @ OECDeconomy “Tax burden” is a weighted term that frames tax contribution to commons as negative and heavy.  

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