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Twitterings Q1 2017

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Mairita Luse @mairitaluse

Reading a report on #criticalminerals by @OECD. How can we still have so many important materials with recycling rate of 0? #circulareconomy

John Kirton @jjkirton

We count on the @OECD to bring the best analysis to enrich the G20 work, including on fossil fuel subsidies @g7_g20 @g20rg @CLMannEcon

Fernando M. Reimers @FernandoReimers

I greatly enjoyed conversation w @A_Gurria and his colleagues @SchleicherOECD @OECD

Dave O’Connor @oconnear

Interesting #health views at the @OECD Health Ministerial Meeting.

Chiara Samele @chiara_samele

@OECD #futureofhealth. Excellent forum and impressive speakers. Let’s however hear more from patients and informal carers.

Howard Catton @HowardCatton

#FutureOfHealth @OECD Congrats & thanks 4 excellent Forum; next time contributions from more healthcare staff on panels not just docs b gr8

Ed Fitzgerald @DrEdFitzgerald

Interesting new @OECD report on tackling wasteful spending in health. #OECD #health #healthcare #patientsafety   

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