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Checking out the job situation with the OECD scoreboard of labour market performances

Do you want to know how your country compares with neighbours and competitors on income levels or employment?

Our new interactive dataset allows you to compare country performances in the labour market, at the push of a button. In fact, this useful and intuitive tool provides a complete overview of international labour market performances.

With the “country position” tool, you can find out how your country is positioned, in terms of employment, quality and inclusiveness. Take for instance the US, which performs above the OECD average in all categories except for inclusiveness, with a particularly marked “low income rate”.

Or, as the “dashboard” shows, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland rank respectively first, second and third when it comes to “earnings quality”, while India, Indonesia and South Africa rank at the bottom.

And take the case of “labour market insecurity”, which in the infographic shows wide cross-country disparities. Try it today…

OECD (2017), OECD Employment Outlook 2017, OECD Publishing, Paris.

DOI: http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/employment/oecd-employment-outlook-2017_empl_outlook-2017-en