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OECD Observer Crossword Q3 2017
With Myles Mellor

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    1  It evaluates educational systems worldwide by testing 15 year old students of different nations

    3  ____ equality

    7  Computer connections

    9  Site of the International Court of Justice, with The

  10  Word describing the trading of human beings for the purpose of slavery

  13  Cap or limit, sometimes used to try to enforce gender or racial equality

  14  Vote of support

  15  Bank's automated teller

  17  Asylum seeker

  19  Inert gas symbol

  20  Kind of school for young children, in USA and Japan, abbr.

  22  Mechanical workers being used in factories

  23  Word with income or sales


    1  Initial test, as in OECD's project to assist formulation of policy to improve educational facilities

    2  Top country in collaborative problem solving per tests in 1 across

    4  Suffix of most ordinal numbers

    5  Slavery has always been a severe violation of a man or woman's _____

    6  Montmartre or Saint Antoine

    8  Bulgaria's capital

  11  Economic bloc

  12  Scored, as in an educational test

  13  Process of ensuring product quality, for short

  15  Long time periods

  16  Keep up with

  17  The ''Christ the Redeemer'' statue overlooks it

  18  To and ____

  21  Italian "but"

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