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OECD Observer Crossword Q4 2018

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    1  Winners of the 2018 World Cup

    4  Vehicle that carries presents from Santa

    8  Number of OECD countries expected 2018, once Colombia and Lithuania have joined

  10  Yes vote on the US senate floor

  11  Traditionally bells ___ ___ the New Year (2 words)

  14  __ Monde

  15  "High" time

  17  Touring vehicles, for short

  18  Greenhouse ___

  21  End of year month, for short

  23  We all make them for the New Year

  26  Eleven for Caesar

  27  2018 location for G20 summit


    1  With a new year ahead, we like to look forward to a better one

    2  President Macron of France was born here

    3  Budget reduction

    5  The holiday season is time to wish joy and ___ and peace

    6  One of Santa's fabled reindeer

    7  OECD partner in Africa, abbr.

    9  Watching closely

  12  Engage

  13  Negative votes

  16  Amazon gadget that talks to you

  19  Decorate, as a Christmas tree perhaps

  20  Washington DC politician title, for short

  22  Community supported agriculture, for short

  24  Elton John or Paul McCartney title

  25  Ancient Egyptian king who is coming to Paris

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