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Country snapshots 2017-18: Argentina
Rebuilding confidence

Economic growth is projected to rebound strongly in 2017 and 2018 as the impact of recent reforms and changes in economic policy start to gain traction. Inflation remains high but it will gradually decrease towards the central bank’s target owing to widening economic slack and as the effect of administrative price increases and past currency depreciation wear off. Stronger growth will reduce unemployment from its current rate of 8.5%. 

Rebuilding confidence in macroeconomic policies is a top priority. The reform of the national statistics agency has improved its credibility and enabled the central bank to introduce inflation targeting. Interest rates were increased sharply early in 2016 to contain inflationary and exchange rate pressures, but are slowly coming down as these tensions fade. Monetary policy remains restrictive, but it should loosen progressively as inflation declines. 

GDP growth


Current prices ARS billion




% real change 



3 348.3 -1.7 2.9 3.4

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