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Migrants wanted

Young people entering the labour market today are more educated than older workers approaching retirement. But do we have people with the rights skills in the right places? As digitalisation and globalisation reshape how and where we do our work, so they affect demand for skills. 

Increasingly, countries are looking beyond their borders to meet their needs by luring in highly qualified migrants. This is easier said than done, with competition for global talent intensifying, notably in areas such as health and technology. So what makes skilled migrants choose one country instead of another? What makes your country attractive? Answering such questions is important for securing the talent that is so essential for sustainable, inclusive growth. A new OECD database on migration attractiveness can help provide some benchmarks. The data shows, for instance, that Australia is particularly attractive to highly educated workers, while Canada appeals to entrepreneurs. International university students, meanwhile, are keen to go to Switzerland. How does your country compare? To find out more, visit: www.oecd.org/migration/talent-attractiveness/

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